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FBI agents busted an online prostitution ring in Detroit that arranged sex parties that gave out goodie bags filled with tokens for free sex with prostitutes.

The location of the parties were announced online, and attendees had to pay for access. The men used the parties as time to size up the prostitutes, some of whom were teenagers, before arranging meetings with them.

The girls were given free drugs, including marijuana and methamphetamines, some of whom became addicted and returned to the parties for the purpose of fuelling their habit. All attendees- both the men and the prostitutes- had to pay a cover charge ranging from $20 to $200 per event.
The three male organizers also sold 'goodie bags' for $10 at the events containing their recipe for 'a good time'.

Goodie bags contained colour-coded tickets for sex acts, chocolate, and a prostitute's set of underwear. Gold tickets signified a free, one-hour appointment with an escort. A black or green ticket was good for 30 minutes of an escort's time. The underwear had the name of the gentleman's escort for the evening. 
Events were always held in public places in Michigan, three of which were the Shark Club, Royal Lanes and at Fairlane Bowl, and the sex acts were all performed after the events.
That said, the attendees at events voted for 'best of' awards for the prostitutes, rewarding them for the time they spent with the men after the events.
The FBI identified David Kilvington, Steven Thompson, and Mark J. LeBlanc as the three men who arranged the events and coordinated online chat rooms for the customers.
All three men face a maximum jail sentence of up to 20 years for their involvement in 'interstate travel for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.

Authorities were initially tipped off to the ring in March 2007 by someone who claimed to be the parent of a girl who was 'tricked' into attending the event, and later became addicted to the drugs that the organizers handed out.

'My 17 year old daughter got involved with drugs and prostitution through an online escort bulletin board,' the unnamed parent wrote.

The woman wrote of how her daughter attended the events and only knew the organizers by their internet screen names.
'She also had sex with these men many times, some times they paid her sometimes they did not. They are both in their 60's and she did not want to but she need [sic] the drugs and did not want to get into trouble. How can this go on?' the parent continued.

Later in the email, the mother said that her daughter had contracted a sexual transmitted disease from her relations with the men. The mother warned that their was another scheduled event, and she said that previous events had hosted up to 120 people.

Police did not break up the event that the mother warned of, so she wrote in again, and that is when her complaints, which were originally sent to the local county sheriff's office, were forwarded on to federal authorities.

The investigation started after the 2007 emails, and the three ringleaders- Kilvington, Thompson, and LeBlanc- were arraigned in a Detroit court Friday. Kilvington is being temporarily detained, while Thompson and LeBlanc were released on bail. --


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