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When it comes to plunging necklines, a new poll reveals six in ten bosses consider them a no-no.
Cleavage is most offensive to female bosses, with 65 per cent describing it as their pet hate.
And while most male chiefs would not tut in disgust at a female employee baring more breast than is best, 45 per cent DO find it unacceptable.

Showing off thongs or bra straps is also seen as inappropriate, as is over-the-top jewellery, Ugg boots or too much fake tan, who commissioned the survey.
Dressing too sexily can adversely affect the way colleagues view you too.
One study indicated that women in high-level positions who reveal too much are often viewed as less competent.

But while most offices have certain dress codes, it should not mean having to leave your personal style behind.
Here, we suggest some office-appropriate cleavage looks, along with a guide to what NOT to wear in the office.

Boob ... The skirt is way too short, particularly with the lack of sleeves - there is too much on view.
Boardroom ... The tailored Mad Men-style high neck shows off waist.

Any business person knows that in a business environment they represent their business or company.  The visual perception of a person is part of the image the business presents.  If you are in the skin business then showing skin is probably required, but in most cases we are not selling tanning, casual clothes or undewear.  I am always more on guard when a sales person wearing too much make, perfume or too little clothing is pitching something. 

Unfortunately due to the decreasing amount of human contact that the internet and electronic communication devices provide we are not learning about how to conduct ourselves when a real person and not an avatar is in front of us.  Also the business environment has become an alternative way of meeting people who are not usually under the influence of alcohol and as such is becomming a place to pick up dates.  That's some of the reasons that some of the attire worn is intended to attract rather than present a business image.


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