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A British former lapdancer, her rich banker lover and his jealous Brazilian model ex-girlfriend who caught them in bed have all been jailed in Dubai for having sex outside marriage.

Danielle Spencer, 31, was naked with Toby Carroll, 33, when furious Priscilla Gomez, 25, stormed into his flat, threatening them with a knife and smashing his possessions.

Police called to the scene decided that all three in the love triangle were in breach of the Arab emirate's strict morality laws and arrested them.

Yesterday Dubai's Misdemeanours Court rejected claims that Spencer and New-Zealand-born Carroll were just kissing after a prosecutor produced damning DNA evidence.

Spencer was sentenced to 30 days in jail before deportation, while Carroll  and Gomez received the same sentence. A court source said today it was another example of westerners 'ignoring' Islamic law, and that 'bed-hopping' would never be acceptable in Dubai.       

Speaking about the case earlier Spencer, a former Hull and Birmingham-based lapdancer, said: 'As we had not actually had sex, I thought that they would just release Toby and me.

'But at one point a policeman turned to me and said, "You are going to jail." I broke down. I remember weeping, "But I've done nothing wrong." It was the moment I realised my life in Dubai would be ruined.

'I thought I was going to die in that prison cell, that once I was in I'd never  get out. The worst thing was the not knowing what was happening, the sense I was being forgotten.'
The trio spent 30 days in Dubai police holding cells over Christmas and New Year last year as they awaited a court date and bail.

Incredibly during their time there Spencer struck up an unlikely friendship with her love rival Gomez after they were forced to share a cell.

The pair often shared a bed and huddled together for warmth and security.

Spencer said: 'We just had to become friends because it was such a terrible experience. All we had was each other for comfort and at night we would huddle together on our mattress, scared out of our lives.

'We were in a stinking room with murderers. I got to know Priscilla well and like her. There are no hard feelings. I have forgiven her for what she did.
'We have both laughed at the irony of it – I locked myself in the bathroom to get away from her when she went crazy with the knife and now I realise that she is the safest person to be with here in prison.'

Carroll moved to Dubai to forge a career as a banker for HSBC and was joined by his then girlfriend Gomez.

But the couple broke up the day before she caught him in bed with Spencer.

His mother Beverley Carroll said: 'He hasn't done anything that any guy in any other country wouldn't do.

'He has slept with a girl, it was sex outside of marriage and there is no other country where that is a crime. I'm extremely proud of my son – he hasn't done anything wrong.'


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