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 TURKISH model Sila Sahin has shocked the muslim community by posing in nothing but a loin cloth on the cover of this month's German Playboy. The model said the shoot liberated her from a restrictive childhood.

It's not only the fact that she is on the cover of Playboy, posing half nude, it's also the traditional and virginal draped loin cloth that makes the picture even more captivating.

Had she been in a two-piece, she would have only done sexy; but by using a dupatta like cloth, she plays with tradition, cutting first a shocking then a sexy picture.

Nudity when packaged in something traditional, makes for a far more controversial frame. This kind of packaging depends on common selling sense and there are few who've cracked the code. There are only some to have happily stepped out of the bikini race and hit a sweet spot with traditional sensuality.

This Kamasutra nude chic is not only shocking but also aesthetically more appealing.

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Speaking of smart, Mallika Sherawat is definitely among the top ten on the list. For someone who has at best, below average looks and limited talent, she still manages to retain the 'sex symbol tag' and stay on the map.
Her latest shoot for FHM magazine sees her doing the topless bikini briefs-routine, albeit with an Ajanta-Ellora twist. Not that she's new to the bare-all drill, it's the way she presents herself in this particular picture that catches one's interest immediately.

It's the marrying of the conservative with the outrageous that stamps a lasting impression. A bikini somehow can't send the same signal of shock as a traditional, virginal piece of clothing can. Much like Sila Sahin who sent a clear and deliberate message to her conservative Turkish family. It was not so much the exposed breast, but the conservatively draped loin cloth that makes the picture even more outrageous. It's like she's playing with tradition itself, using it to mask and reveal what she likes. The picture is creating quite an uproar in the West and not because it's unlike a regular Playboy cover in terms of nudity, but because of what's being played with.

There's a sense of risk and rebellion in a picture with a traditional piece of clothing that is usually used to cover up than reveal, which does not exist in wearing a swimsuit. A swimsuit only reveals a very fit and toned body, but a picture which has a conservative piece of clothing or accessorising shows a certain aspect of the subject's personality.

Following the magazine hitting the stands, Sila Sahin quickly gave quotes about how liberating it was. According to her the picture rid her off many years of suppression in a conservative environment. Mallika Sherawat, too, talks about her Haryana roots in the interview accompanying this picture. Nudity when combined with traditional items of dressing up like a bindi or bangles turns into something more than just great vital stats. It's about making a point, pushing the boundaries. It's not only about a gym-toned body anymore.


Take pop icon Lady Gaga for instance. For someone who has worn everything from metal to meat on her ever frail body, it was her slutty nun outfit that created mass controversy. Her version of the nun's habit for one of her performances on stage peeved many people; not for what she showed but what she covered the rest of it with.

Though religion is a far more tricky and delicate territory than tradition, but the underlying idea of shock — by marrying the conservative with the outrageous   remains the same.

It might be a first for Mallika Sherawat, but actress Vidya Balan has already mastered the art of 'aesthetic nudity'. According to her, sensuality that has an Indian touch to it is much more tasteful and powerful.

Besides the fact that she doesn't have and is unlikely to ever have a bikini body, her brand of sensuality has done quite well with the men. There's something quite different about a woman going topless wearing a sari, than a girl in a teeny weeny bikini.

The Kamasutra nude chic not only makes for shocking pictures but also aesthetic ones. It's the new code of sensuality.


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