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A jilted boyfriend is facing jail after he bombarded his former girlfriend with 17,000 unwanted texts and phone calls - including 180 in one day.
Glynn Johnson, 21, pushed her to 'breaking point' after she dumped him, contacting the woman on average 47 times a day over a year with unwanted calls, texts and Facebook messages, a hearing was told.
Johnson pleaded guilty to harassment at Plymouth Magistrates Court in Devon and was warned he could be sent to jail when he is sentenced next month.
But using Facebook the jobless father-of-two still found time to boast about his crime saying: 'Court today lol (laugh out loud) shud b fun.'
The court heard how Johnson and his victim - who cannot be named - entered a 'tempestuous' relationship in 2007 and had a child together, but broke up shortly after the birth.
They got back together last year and the victim again fell pregnant with a child which was born in January this year.
But they again split up after the birth and the question of paternity was raised and the woman refused to let Johnson see the child.
Julia Cox, prosecuting, said: 'Johnson was once the partner of the woman he was harassing.
'But when she tried to end it he then became manipulative and psychologically abusive.
'He started a battle with her via telephone calls because she wasn't accepting his advances.
'He pushed her to breaking point. The majority of the messages were threatening violence against her and her family.'
From November 2010, Johnson admitted he had 'persisted in contact that she did not want', the court heard.
David Teague, defending, said: 'Mr Johnson said things in the heat of the moment and persisted in contact that was unwanted.
'He admits that he said things which could be perceived as threatening, but he did not act on them.'
On Wednesday Johnson pleaded guilty to one specimen charge of harassment covering the four-month period between November 1, 2010 and March 1, 2011.
Magistrate Barry Brooking adjourned sentencing until July 4 and said that he would consider all options including custody due to the 'constant nature' and 'high volume' of calls and texts.
He said: 'The aggravating features in this case are the constant nature of the phone calls and texts, and the culpability, as it was obviously intentional.
'We must also consider the high volume and the strong psychological effect this had on the victim.
'I will adjourn sentencing for a pre-sentence report but I am considering all options including custody.'
Johnson was released on bail and refused to comment out of court.


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