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A young woman was raped twice in three months by the same stranger after she did not report the first attack to police, a court heard yesterday.  O'Nile Huggins, 20, struck in April last year after dragging the 23-year-old woman to the ground near his home in south London, jurors were told.

The woman chose not to report her ordeal to police but realised she had made a 'terrible mistake' when he raped her again three months later, Inner London Crown Court heard.
Paul Cavin, prosecuting, said Huggins was traced from an e-fit image created with the victim's help and published in a national appeal.  His DNA also matched a sample taken from the woman, jurors heard.

When his home in Stockwell was searched, officers found hundreds of unused condoms, said the barrister.  Mr Cavin told the jury: 'It is no exaggeration to say that the case you are about to try constitutes every woman's worst nightmare.
'The prosecution allege that not once, but twice, she was raped by this defendant.  'On both occasions she was subjected to a terrifying attack in the street.

'This was a stranger rape, with the added horror of it happening again some three months later.'  Huggins approached the woman as she walked home from a bus stop in Stockwell Road and 'tried to engage her in conversation,' said Mr Cavin.  'She politely gave him the brush-off but he persisted and began to try and kiss her.

'Suddenly he grabbed her and forced her towards the side of a house.' He then forced her to the floor and raped her, said Mr Cavin.  Eventually he got up and was friendly towards her, seeming to 'believe that they had a pleasant evening out together and even mentioned seeing her again', said the prosecutor.

'He stood there watching as the victim pulled her clothes together and began to tell her how nice it had been for him and tried to kiss her again,' added Mr Cavin.
He put his arm around her and as they walked along the victim made a vain attempt to call 999, while pretending she was not and saying: 'Hello mum.'

The prosecutor said it was 'an unfortunate aspect of this case' that the operator did not realise it was a cry for help and hung up thinking it was a crossed line.
The woman told the attacker she was nearly home and he left her.

She spoke to her flatmate who advised her to call police but she decided not to, partly due to the desire to forget, said Mr Cavin.
'Her decision not to report is understandable,' he said.
'It was perhaps the product of two different factors. Firstly the shock. Secondly she is a woman of some strength.

'Without in anyway seeking to criticise her for that decision, events were to prove that it was an understandable but terrible mistake.'
Huggins denies one count of rape between April 10 and 20 last year, and two further rape charges on July 14. He claims the woman consented.
The defendant, who has learning difficulties, is being assisted in the dock by an 'intermediary'.


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