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-> Vodka as a Disinfectant
All you have to do is mix 1 part Vodka and 2 parts of water and when the mixture dries up the smell of the booze dries up and the mixture does a great job a cleaning glass.

 -->Vodka to Fight against Odors
If you have some clothes, which are stinking, then just sprinkle some Vodka and keep the clothes for drying. When all the drying is done your clothes will left smell clean.

-->Vodka as a Dish Cleaner
You can add some to your dish soap and use it while cleaning. It will help you cut grease. The same mixture can also help you remove sticky residue from the labels of the bottles, which you might need while recycling the bottle.

-->Vodka for Toothache
Toothache can actually squeeze the life out of you. But, if you take a Vodka shot and swish it around in your mouth, then it will help you numb the painful area and you might get some relief until you reach the dentist.

-->Vodka as a Bug Repellent
All you have to do is mix one part Vodka, one part apple cider vinegar and some citronella essential oil. It will give you a nice bug repellent.
-->Vodka for Hair
A shot of Vodka mixed in every shampoo bottle will make your shampoo more effective. It will remove old residue from your hair.
-->Vodka prolongs the life of your razor
When you are done with the shaving, all you have to do is, soak your safety razor in the alcohol. This soaking will not only help disinfect the razor, but will also prevent rusting.
-->Vodka as an Astringent
You can apply Vodka on your face with a cotton, it will cleanse the skin and tighten the pores too. 
-->Vodka as a Pain Reliever
Mix half cup Vodka and half cup water and pour it in a freezer bag, the result will be a refreshable ice pack for your pains. 
-->Vodka to relieve Fever
To do so, you will have to use a washcloth to rub Vodka on your chest and back.
-->Vodka for a Sore Throat
Add a tablespoon of Vodka to a glass of warm water and gargle. It will help numb the sore throat.


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