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The skin was supposed to to clean itself, but lacking suitable treatment, it’s possible for toxins in the environment to build up and stop up pores, leading to an array of unattractive and embarrassing skin difficulties.
  Many people mistakenly believe that if they use excessive amounts of conventional beauty products they will be rewarded with perfect skin.  There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to go natural with virgin skin care.

1. Skin can breathe more easily with virgin skin care.With a layer of chemicals on the face, skin pores can easily become clogged, this can often lead to pimples
2. By choosing natural skin care products, free of artificial colorings and additives, one can avoid many adverse skin reactions, including eczema.
3. It’s easier to moisturize the skin thoroughly with natural products. Using coconut oil as moisturizer is an effective way to achieve beautiful skin naturally.
4. Because most people can absorb up to 60% of any product that is put on the skin, using natural skin care products like tamanu oil will help prevent your skin from taking harmful toxins
5. Natural skin care products look and smell more pleasant than synthetic materials. Nature has already given us such wonderful smelling products such as vanilla skin care, so there is no need to try and replicate this in a lab for great smelling skin.
6. Natural skin care products are not tested on animals, and are cruelty-free in most cases. Always check with the producers to be sure.
7. If you are concerned about your environmental impact, then it makes sense to use products that are free from anything that could clog the environment. Natural products are usually packaged in recyclable materials.
  8. Natural products contain many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that skin needs, and can even potentially defend against cancer with the addition of antioxidants.
9. Because virgin skin care and natural aging skin care products help to fight against cancer-causing free radicals, they also manage to put the brakes on the aging process much more efficiently than competing synthetic products might do. As part of your natural aging skin care routine these products may smooth wrinkles and aid in nourishing the skin from the inside out
10. When looking at beauty and skin care products, the choice with fewer ingredients is usually the healthier product. Unlike synthetic products, natural skin care will have less filler and more quality for your money.


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