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Phone-in: Victoria Derbyshire was presenting when the caller, known only as Tony, contacted the station to say they were responsible for his divorce
When a husband took to the radiowaves to discuss his troubled marriage, the irony could not have been richer.
It was not another woman, an alcohol problem, or an obsession with golf that had driven his wife away.
It was his addiction to the radio. More specifically, the very radio station he was now baring his soul to.
While the caller, revealed only as Tony, was pouring out his heart to Radio 5 Live host Victoria Derbyshire, his wife of 14 years was in the midst of filing for divorce.
Tony rang the morning phone-in during a discussion on the pros and cons of the station.

He went on to explain that his obsession with 5 Live had led to furious domestic rows. He told how he had to sneak around their home trying to tune in without his wife knowing.
He finally received a letter from her solicitor which claimed his 'preoccupation with Radio 5 Live had led to a complete breakdown of social interaction between us'.
'My missus left me over 5 Live,' he lamented during the phone-in.
'I've listened to 5 Live for years, even right back to the very beginning.' Tony, who spoke with a Yorkshire accent, and assured Miss Derbyshire his call was not a 'wind-up', added: 'I used to have a shop and I listened to the radio all day.
'But when I came home at six o'clock I wasn't allowed to have the radio on in the evening.
'One day I was in the conservatory listening to it and she came in and threw the radio on the floor and stamped on it.

'But she still couldn't stop it playing so she yanked the wire out of the wall and the radio finished up at the bottom of our garden.
'She used to say to me, "How can you listen to that constant chatter all the time, because it drives me completely mad?" I tried to tell her interesting things that I'd actually heard on 5 Live to try and pacify her but as soon as I said that I'd heard it on 5 Live then the shutters would go down.'

Tony said things got so bad that his wife began doing character assassinations of individual hosts, including Miss Derbyshire.
He added: 'She went two years ago and we're not divorced yet but a friend of hers said to her, "Has he asked you to go back?" When I heard this I thought to myself that if the price of her coming back is that I have to not listen to 5 Live again then she can stay where she is.'


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