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Aster belongs to family plants of asters. It has received the name from the Greek word"aster" — "star" for the star-shaped form of an inflorescence-basket. A sort very numerous, some honeycombs of kinds. The most part of kinds grows in the North America, smaller — in the outh America, Africa, Europe and Asia; at us total 26 kinds. In gardens and parks cultivate many kinds of asters. They represent a great interest for professionals-greeners and fans - gardeners the variety on size and coloring of colors, height and the bush form, on flowering terms.
Aster or Hungarians Aster associates withautumn, therefore in Hungary Aster names "Autumn Rose". During ancient times people believed that if to throw some leaves of Aster in fire, the smoke from this fire is capable to expel snakes. The aster's flower is a symbol of the women born under astrological sign of the Maiden.
For ancient Greeks the Aster symbolised love. Ancient Greeks knew constellation of the Maiden which associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite. According to myth the aster has arisen from space dust when the Maiden looked from the sky and cried.
In China Asters symbolise beauty, accuracy, elegance, charm and modesty.


There is an ancient Hindu legend how god Vishnu and god Brama have started dispute on what flower is the most beautiful. Vishnu preferred rose, and, Brama who never saw this flower earlier praised lotus. When Brama has seen the rose, he has agreed that this flower is the finest flower on the Earth.
Thanks to a perfect form and wonderful aroma for Christians the rose since ancient times symbolized paradise.
Ancient Romans so idolized the beauty of roses that put them on fields instead of wheat, and in the winter the whole ships took out the flowers from Egypt.
Knights once compared ladies of the heart to roses. They seemed so fine and unapproachable, as well as this flower. On boards of many of knights as an emblem the rose has been engraved.
Rose - flower most honored by Christianity. The rose name - a flower of the Virgin.


Ancient Greek myths attributed lilies the divine origin. According to one of them, once goddess Gera fed baby of Ares. Drops of the scattered milk have fallen to the ground and have turned to snow-white lilies. Since then these flowers became an emblem of goddess Gera.
At ancient Egyptians the Lily along with Lotus was a fertility symbol. The love to it was adopted also by Christians, having made a symbol of Maiden Maria. The direct stalk of a lily personifies its mind; the hung leaves modesty, gentle aroma divinity, white color chastity. According to the sacred Writing, the lily was held by archangel Gabriel when has notified Maria on a fast birth of the Christ.Spoke, as if she has grown from heart of the lost Cossack who was taking part in a gain of Siberia under leadership by Ermak. In the people it also named «imperial curls».


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