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There are 59 species of eagles.
The Bald Eagle is the national symbol of the United States.
Bald Eagles are not exactly bald. Their heads are covered with short white feathers.

Eagles have excellent eyesight.
Bald Eagles can have a wingspan ranging from 6 to 7.5 feet and can weigh as much as 15 pounds.
The strike of the eagle talon is so powerful that it's force is twice that of a rifle bullet.

Whenever a Bald Eagle migrates south it always goes to the same spot and when it returns north it always goes back to the same spot.
Sub adult eagles that have not yet made a breeding territory are believed to wander more.

Adult eagles usually stay near their nesting territory as the supply of food and weather conditions will allow.

Bald Eagles are the national symbol of the United States.
Some Golden Eagles eat tortoises. They fly with the tortoise held in their talons and then drop the tortoise on a rock outcrop to break the shell open.

Bald Eagles help man by catching rodents and rabbits that destroy grain fields.

Golden Eagles usually lay 2 eggs that are incubated 41 - 45 days. The eaglets f ledge 9 - 11 weeks later, but do not reach adulthood for about 5 years.

Bald Eagles can fly with 8 pounds of food.
Bald Eagles normally eat fish. Sometimes they will eat snakes and smaller birds.
There are approximately 7,000 feathers on an eagle.

Golden Eagles prey mostly upon medium-sized rodents, rabbits, and hares, but also on birds, especially game birds, reptiles, and carrion. Most prey is taken on the ground from a low flight, but they are fast enough to take birds in flight.

Some Golden Eagle pairs will hunt together.

The Bald Eagle has a lifespan of approximately 25 years in the wild but in captivity they may live 40 years or more.

The Bald Eagle can lift as much as four pounds.
A Bald Eagle remains faithful to its mate until death.
The Harpy Eagle is the largest of the eagles weighing 20 pounds or more.
The habitat of the Harpy Eagle is Central and South American rain forests where it makes mammals and birds its prey.

Bald Eagles can fly about 65 miles per hour and soar at altitudes of 10,000 feet. They can reach a speed of up to 200 miles per hour when diving.

The Bald Eagle reaches sexual maturity between the ages of 4 to 6 years.
The Battler Eagle may cover 100 miles or more a day in search of food.
Golden Eagles are covered with feathers all the way to their toes whereas the Bald Eagle has no feathers on its feet.

The bony protrusion over the eyes of bald eagles protect them from the glare of the sun.
Chicks usually begin to fly at about 3 months of age.
Bald Eagles can be found in every state except Hawaii.
Eagles have been known to steal food from other birds.

Like many animals that have an extensive range, Bald Eagles living in the colder northern limits of this bird's range are larger than the eagles living in the warmer southern end of the range.

The head and tail feathers of a Bald Eagle do not turn white until the fourth or fifth year.
Benjamin Franklin once recommended the Wild Turkey for the national symbol rather than the Bald Eagle.
The Bald Eagle represents freedom.
The Bald Eagle is also called American Eagle.

If compared pound for pound, an eagle's wing would be stronger than the wing of an airplane.

An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.
An eagle's nest located in Maryland, USA reportedly weighed about 3,000 pounds.
Bald Eagles love to eat fish. Its their favorite food.

Eagles construct their nests with large sticks near water in tall trees or on cliffs. They are then lined with twigs and grass. Eagles tend to use the same nests year after year adding on until they become massive structures measuring anywhere between 5 to 9 feet.


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