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25.12.10 is no doubt, that very soon LED technology will substitute many other technologies that have been used for so long time. According to Philips virtually 50% of lighting in all over the world will be based on light-emitting diodes by 2015.

This figure will grow dramatically and will achieve 75% by 2020. LED industry is one of the fastest developing spheres. According to specialists, technology race will continue up to the middle of the 2020s when LEDs will achieve their best possible characteristics.

LEDs are justly considered to be the most effective source of light today, when compared to other sources of light. Unlike filament, fluorescent, halogen and other bulbs, LEDs are economically efficient (they use up to 10 times less energy than other sources of light), compact in size and environmentally friendly. What is more, LEDs have much longer lifespan, than other sources of light, they are characterized by really fantastic durability and reliability that is provided by their resistance to negative external factors, such as excess water, temperature differences and others.
LEDs are used in all spheres of life.
Home lighting. Due to their beauty, compact size, efficient energy use and eco-friendliness LEDs allow to illuminate your home in the best possible way and to reduce your electricity bills.

Office lighting. Light provided by LEDs is very similar to natural light, thus LEDs help to reduce eye strain. LED lighting devices are successfully used for illumination of offices where people perform hour-long job with papers and in front o the computer.

Apart from these, LEDs are used in many other spheres, such as outdoor advertizing, flashlights, illumination of stores, restaurants and other areas and facilities. LEDs are widely used in various gadgets and concepts as the best and the most appropriate source of light.
Engineers are constantly doing their best to develop LEDs with maximum lumen efficiency and light beam of the required parameters. That is why some manufacturers offer systems that can be easily modernized by replacement of the old LED module with new, improved one. LED bulbs are bulbs of the future, thin and energy saving LED displays are displays of the future, LED technology is the technology of the future, soon it will become part and parcel of our everyday life!



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