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the new-age crackers occupying these stalls alongside the Lakshmi pattaki and atom bombs.
    "I am strictly against crackers. Not only do they cause air and sound pollution, they also frighten animals. Moreover, people involved in manufacturing them are exposed to a number of health risks," says kavya an engineer 
    Nonetheless, there are still many who celebrate the festival with that spark, but noiselessly. Bangaloreans prefer buying aesthetically appealing crackers rather than loud ones. "These days most people like to buy fancy products which are colourful and not loud. Only children below the age of 13-14 years buy few noisy fireworks such as Lakshmi pattaki and sutli bombs," says John Gleetus, a distributor of Standard Fireworks in Yelahanka.
Different varieties of flowerpots such as tri-colour, colour-coated and Crackling King are very popular among customers this season, followed by the all-time favourite 500, 1,000 and 10,000 shots.
    Standard Fireworks has introduced some new products such as Towerpots Green, 56 shots, 12 shots, sensation shots and many other fancy items for this season.
    Fireworks dealers say sales this year have already picked up. "With festival holidays commencing on Wednesday, we hope that business will be good," says a dealer in Sultanpet.

This festival is in the remembrance of Chakravarthy (Emperor) Bali who was a grand son of Prahlada, the greatest devotee of Vishnu. He was
reigning/ruling the world well. But it was his ego which was checked by Lord Hari. He comes as Vamana and asks for space measuring 3 feet for which bali readily agrees thinking that the Brahmin cannot ask something impossible..

Then Vamana grows in size and then takes the entire earth by one foot, the land offered by Bali. Then the second feet is occupies the entire aakaasa.. space.. When he took second foot then Brahma washed his feet.. that is what is sung by Annamachaaryulu. For the third, Bali offers himself, as he did not have anything else.. But by then Bali's ego or ahankara fully nullified. Bali was pushed down to Patala. And he became a great Daani.. such a giver who offered daanam to the Lord himself, the giver of givers. So the Lord then gives him a boon that one day in an year he will be remembered for his deed.

Underlying cause: Bali had become a menace for Devas according to them !
So we celebrate Bali Padyami.
Kota veyyadam ante.. deeni prameyam.. it is symbolic of Bali's fort.. with soldiers inside..
Usually gummaDi puvvalato alankaristaaru. dorakka pote edaina pojaarhamaina puvvalu vaadavachchunu.
meeku kota vesedi telusa?kote is put out of cow's dung. My mother puts like this.. A central square and 4 squares adjacent to this central square such that each outersqaure shares a side with that of the central square. then Conical shaped structures are done and kept on the circumference of this fortand also little bigger ones representing commandoes are kept inside.


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