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We desire bigger breasts
Nope. Bigger isn't always better. No woman wants to be spoken to with the eyes firmly focused below her face.

We dress up to impress men
We dress either for our own confidence levels or to upstage other women. Even lingerie is worn so we feel sexy.
We always want to share our feelings Post-coital, men aren't the only ones who want to watch TV or sleep. We don't want to know you felt hurt when you were behaving like a buffoon and we called you on it. You did it. We told you off. Now get over it.
If we are high strung, it's obvious we are PMSing
If a woman is emotionally high strung, it's because it's incomprehensible to her as to why she can multitask and her man can either change the bulb or take a bath or order the groceries, but not all three. And definitely not together.

We have a weaker libido than men
Men may have a stronger libido at 18 but as all women (at least the ones I know) have discovered, men seem to lose their "willingness to perform" by their mid-30s.
We are clingy and don't believe in space
We may want your full attention when you meet us but spending an entire day with you in our faces? No way. Also, our emails and our private conversations are not for your eyes and ears. We too need girls' night-outs.
Sex is about intimacy. Satisfaction is secondary.
Intimacy is all well and good, but if you want us to give, you've got to give some yourself. Also it would be nice if you educated yourself a bit on the female anatomy.
We want our men to be possessive
Boys, the wrestling pit is in the akhara, not the bar. We'd rather have a man who thumps his opponent with his wit. 
We fantasise about our dream wedding from an early age
Only if it involves George Clooney or Brad Pitt. It's about the fantasy groom, not the fantasy wedding.
After 30, we are obsessed with our biological clocks
Modern science has ensured that women can have children even at the age of 42. The point is, will you have the energy to be fathers at a later age?


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