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Wadi Dam àTouted as one of Oman's most beautiful wadis, Wadi Dam is a series of shaded pools and stone formations. The name roughly translates to "hidden" and to see the wadi in its full beauty, a good 30-minute climb, scramble and crawl is needed to reach the pools of the upper wadi. The hike up is relatively easy but watch out for the ropes that have been attached to the side of rocks to help trekkers.

Bahlaà Time: 2 hours from Muscat Among the locals, this town is known for its “djinns”, or spirits. However, if you’re not inclined towards superstition, you can spend a happy day admiring and exploring the crumbling old mud houses to get a glimpse of early Omani life. It is one of the first walled cities in the world, estimated to have been designed more than 600 years ago. The town has many narrow, winding roads, so it’s best explored on foot.

Musandam, à
A place so close couldn't seem more distant. Musandam is the perfect peaceful getaway from Dubai's bright lights. Hire a boat for the day and explore the fjords and empty beaches of Khasab, take a quick dip and dive at Telegraph Island, where the phrase 'Going around the bend' originated, or try to catch a glimpse of Omani dolphins as they duck and dive playfully between boats. On the hazy shores are isolated villages fringed by mountains, where the only way out is by sea. Boats can be hired for the day or overnight from the various tourist agencies in Dubai or near the docks in Khasab.

Bimmah sinkholeà
Time: 2.5 hours from Muscat along the Sur coastal road
This eerie but beautiful formation can be found along the Sur coastal road. Follow the signs to the Sink Hole Park. This will lead you to what looks like an abandoned park. Don’t be put off by the closed gate. If you walk further inside, you'll find the area surrounded by a thin fence with a long and winding staircase leading to the sinkhole.
The limestone hole, locally know as "bay al-afreet" (house of the demon), is a great spot for a quick dip and dive. Its deep blue colour looks inviting but slightly disturbing as the depth of the sinkhole is still unknown. Divers have explored the depths of the sinkhole and found a network of underground caves.

Nizwaà This cute town was, for centuries, considered the political and cultural capital of Oman. The town lies on a plain surrounded by a thick palm oasis which offers more than 40 varieties of dates and has some of Oman's highest mountains. The restored 17th fort is worth climbing just to get a view of the Hajar Mountains and the surrounding palms. The town also boasts a well labelled and lively souq. Head for the arts and crafts section to take a look at their intricately made khanjars (Omani knives) and pottery.

Wadi Tiwià The delightfully named Wadi Tiwi is a great first taste of the spectacular wadis that dot the Omani landscape. Known as the wadi of nine villages, the area comprises a string of emerald pools and thick plantations that snake through traditional Omani villages. If you're looking to stretch your legs after hours of driving, this hidden spot offers a number of exploring and hiking options. If you're looking for something a little more relaxing, the pockets of natural pools are the perfect place to soak those weary feet.

Ras Al Jinz àTourists flock in their hundreds to this eastern point of the Arabian Peninsula to watch the turtles come ashore to lay eggs. The area is now under protection and to watch nature in action, you’ll need to buy a ticket from the scientific centre located at the top of the beach and go during the special viewing times at 9.30pm and 4am. While the early-morning wake-up call may be difficult, it’s better to go in the morning, as you can see the beach and its turtles in full glory.
The beach sees a constant flow of turtles all year round. However, July and September-November are the best times to witness hatching. To avoid the crowds, try going in summer. The wind and exposure to the Arabian Sea help keep the area a good 10-15 degrees cooler than the other parts of Oman.


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