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Bodrayee, a little known rural festival popular in Telangana region, which began on Wednesday in Incherla village of Mulug mandal, 52 km from Warangal city, bars entry of outsiders to the village. For a couple of days, the exit and entry points of the village are closed.
Private functions, consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol too are banned.
According to sources, barring three Incherla NRIs living in the US, the 'must-attend' village festival was joined in by 650 families (Incherla has 4,000 voters) including 800 members working outside the district or state.
Earlier, sources said Bodrayee was celebrated in Palampet gram panchyat (Venkatapur mandal in 2009) and Jakaram gram panchayat (Mulug mandal in 2008).
"The last time Bodrayee was celebrated in Incherla was 60 years ago. The next such festival, according to the decision taken by the 15-member Incherla village elders, would be after 100 years," said J. Venkataswamy, 40, a resident of Incherla and government teacher in Kutrapally primary school, Shyampet mandal, Warangal.
Regarded an incarnation of goddess Durga, Bodrayee's stone idol, which was installed here Wednesday morning at the village centre, also shared space with wooden idols of Bhulakshmi (nature goddess) and Bhuvaneshwar Swamy (an incarnation of Shiva).
The village deity, Bodrayee, who was appeased with a goat slaughter at 3 pm on Wednesday, as per local belief, protects the villagers from all calamities.
Amid sound of drumbeats, the goat meat, mixed with rice, vermillion and turmeric, was cooked and the food scattered all over the village on Wednesday afternoon, to ward off evil spirits.

The ban on entry of outsiders during this festival, as per traditional belief, is because they might bring in evil spirits into the village, reasoned K. Komaraiah, 48, a watch repairer who shut his watch repairing shop in Mulug for two days to take part in the rare fest in his village.
The festival, for which all villagers contribute money, ends with a community picnic on Thursday.
According to Ms B. Hymavathi, professor of history, Kakatiya University, Bodrayee is a primitive festival associated with the Dravadian people. "That is why we do not find it mentioned in the vedic literature, which is the work of the Aryans," she said, pointing out that 'Boda' means the umbilical cord, while 'rayee' is the stone.
Adding further, she said, "Bodrayee used to be celebrated in all of south India, but due to impact of the British rule, it is now confined to only a few pockets in Telangana."


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