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Paritala Ravi or Ravindra was a political personality who was killed in the year 2005 by his political rivals. He was politically active in Andhra Pradesh's Rayalaseema region, India.
Before entering the political world he was a communist / Naxalite and later on joined Telugu Desam Party. He had been a Member of Legislative Assembly for four times from the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.
Paritala Ravi had even tried his hand in film production. He produced a film called Sri Ramulayya which was based on his father's life, who too was a communist. His father was killed when Paritala was just 17 years old. His brother, Paritala Hari, too was killed in a fake encounter.
Rakhta Charitra or Rakta Charitra is a movie based on Paritala Ravi's life. Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi is playing the lead role in it and the film is directed by Ram Gobal Verma. The film is going to be released in two parts, one part has already been released and the other part is slated for the November 19 release.
The Paritala Ravindra Memorial Trust has adopted the villages, BhavaPuram & Nidjuru of Kurnool District, effected by the recent Krishna floods (2009). The relief activities provided include; clearing the flood deposits from the streets and homes, providing temporary shelter, clothing, clean water, food, basic cooking utensils, study material for students and reconstruction of damaged homes.

Paritala Ravi was born into a middle class family to Sri Ramulu and Narayanamma couple in venkatapuram, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. Ravi's father was a communist and actively participated in communist activities. Ravi was only 17 years when his father was killed by local Landlords and Factionists in Anantapur District. Ravi had one brother Paritala Hari. Ravi's brother Paritala Hari was killed in a False Encounter.

After losing his father and brother, Ravi wanted to take shelter to protect himself from his rivals. He went to his maternal uncle, Kondaiah, in Seerpi Kottaala village of Uravakonda constituency to take shelter. He married his uncle's daughter Suneetha, in 1986 and took up cultivation. According to many allegations Ravi was responsible for the deaths of Gangula Narayana Reddy, Narsanna,Yaadi Reddy and more(1982-84)....


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