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Delta7 manufactures unique and ultra-light carbon fiber frame bikes using IsoTruss® grid structures to offer a lightweight and efficient alternative to traditional wood, steel, aluminum and composite structures. The highly symmetric and redundant nature of IsoTruss structures provides an attractive, efficient, and damage tolerant design. The open grid enables a variety of standard and innovative connections. This unique form of advanced composite grid structure is revolutionizing structures as they exist today, resulting in lighter, more architecturally appealing, and more environmentally friendly structures.
The three-dimensional, yet relatively simple geometry of IsoTruss® grid structure provides substantial resistance to local and global column buckling, while lending itself to cost effective fabrication using batch or automated continuous manufacturing techniques. IsoTruss extrapolates the traditional 2-D triangle based truss to a 3-D truss made up of pyramids formed by isosceles triangles.
The IsoTruss® can support axial tension or compression, torsion, or flexure (bending) loads, or any combination thereof. Each individual member carries primarily axial loads, taking full advantage of the inherent strength and stiffness of continuous fiber-reinforced composites. IsoTruss structures are particularly effective when replacing structures that were stability-critical designs.
IsoTruss® achieves its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio with a special geometry that uses longitudinal and helically wound members. The "iso" and "truss" in "IsoTruss" come from its efficient geometry; isosceles triangles that form a truss of pyramids which are what give the IsoTruss its unique strength and stiffness.
The IsoTruss® incorporates stable geometric forms with members that spiral in a piecewise linear fashion in opposing directions around a central cavity. The helical and longitudinal members are repeatedly interwoven, yielding a highly redundant and stable configuration.
Geometric variables include the number of nodes in a cross-section (e.g., 6, 8, etc.), diameters of the individual members, single versus double geometry, straight versus simple or complex curved segments, and uniform versus tapered overall diameter.
Naturally, any fiber and resin combination can be used to fabricate the IsoTruss grid structure, although the web-like geometry lends itself to high performance fiber-reinforced polymer composites (e.g., carbon, fiberglass, aramid, or basalt fibers with an epoxy, vinyl ester, or polyester resins, etc.).
Due to its spider-web-like geometry, the most obvious method for manufacturing IsoTruss® carbon fiber bike frames and other structures is filament winding, although this requires manufacturing one frame or structure at a time, and limits the fabrication to single-grid style structures.
All of the IsoTruss® structures fabricated so far have been filament wound. As with other filament wound structures, the IsoTruss can be fabricated using integral, dissolvable, or collapsible tooling. Integral tooling eliminates the need for mandrel removal, but requires new tooling for each structure. Likewise, dissolvable tooling requires casting a new mandrel for each structure, but allows pressure to be applied during curing and is easily removed afterwards.
A more cost-effective alternative for high volume production is an automated process designed to continuously produce composite grid structures. Below is a schematic of the automated process, which was selected as one of 25 semi-finalists in the 2007 Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge. Another description of this recognition is found at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
IsoTruss Bike Frame Diagram

IsoTruss Carbon Fiber Material
Delta 7 high performance bikes are made of superior high-grade aerospace carbon fiber that is significantly stronger than other common products.
Most Efficient Bike Design
The patented open lattice, spider-web bike design leverages greater efficiency from the IsoTruss carbon fiber's strength by concentrating material at proper reinforcement intervals and eliminating excess material. The unique bike design makes it one of the most efficient bikes ever on the market.
Lightweight Bike Structure
The Delta 7 Ascend road bike frame weighs only 1.9 pounds while the Arantix mountain bike frame weighs a mere 2.74 pounds. Both ultra-light bike frames withstand the same high loads as other carbon fiber bike frames with fewer fibers, giving the rider more efficiency and superior strength.
Increased Bike Stiffness
Standard bike stiffness & deflection testing shows the Delta 7 Arantix and Ascend bikes are more similar to high grade aluminum alloys. The unique bike design and geometry provide increased response, handling, and transfer of pedaling force.
Impact Isolation
Redundant lattice structure makes the Arantix and Ascend bikes even stronger during impact and crash scenarios by isolating damage without compromising the whole frame.
Custom Bike Ride-Optimization
Redundant lattice geometry of the Arantix hardtail mountain bike allows for direction specific design. This high performance bike frame may be customized with more fibers on the side for improved lateral stiffness as well as fewer fibers on top/bottom for greater vertical compliance, opening up a world of ride tuning possibilities.
Unparalleled High Performance Bikes
The Delta 7 Arantix is an extreme performance handcrafted composite mountain bike frame produced in a limited production run. The Delta 7 Ascend road bike blends a lightweight frame design and extreme stiffness to make one of the most responsive and fastest road bikes available today. Using the unique patented IsoTruss® carbon fiber technology, Delta 7 bike frames are unparalleled in efficiency, weight, and strength. Simply put, there is no other bike like it on the planet.


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