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High Spirit

 You may never have heard of Panoz but that's okay; only the most knowledgeable petrolheads are aware of this small US-based manufacturer. That, however, is about to change with the launch of this extraordinary-looking machine. The Panoz Abruzzo Spirit of Le Mans is a limited-edition, hand-built supercar with enough performance to put the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari et al to shame. Only 81 will be manufactured (the number of Le Mans races held since the first in 1923). Each of the lucky owners will get a unique chance to drive an 8.3-mile lap at the world famous 24-hour Le Mans race, and be guests of the organisers during race week. 
 Engine type not confirmed, but Panoz promises 600+ bhp.
  • Trifecta cooling tech lowers coolant temperature as it flows to and from the radiator.
  • The chassis uses a new material, REAMS (recyclable, energy absorbing matrix system) a multi-layer composite, lighter than carbon fibre but more dent-resistant.


Big Head

Strontium has launched three superfast flash drives with encryption for data security. They're called  the Key, the Spin and the Hulk. The Hulk, pictured here, has 128 GB of storage space, and can transfer files using HighSpeed USB 2.0. Enough for lots of movies, your entire music collection and pretty much every photo you want to keep, right?.

Rs. 19,999,

Get Charged
3d engraved crystal paperweight
We love our fancy gadgets, but they're just  expensive paperweights if they're out of battery. Battery life is the bane of all portable gadgets and that is exactly why Gum Plus is such a must-have. Encased in a pseudo-aluminium casing, this portable power pack is tiny enough to slip in your pocket and delivers juice on the go. It has a mini USB port on one side to charge it, a regular USB port on the other for power output, and an on/off toggle switch on top along with five blinking LEDs to indicate battery status. It comes with a USB charging cable, another one to charge your iPhone or iPod, and a micro fibre pouch. With a 4,400 mAh battery, Gum Plus outputs 1,000 mAh of power. It can charge your  iPhone up to 90% capacity in just an hour, and a fully-charged Gum Plus can recharge your iPhone up to four times before it puts its legs up and dies.
Rs 3,250,


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