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The recent BP oil spill disaster is an indicator of the increasing importance of environmental awareness in business practices over the next several years.  While we do not engage in hazardous environmental business practices such as drilling deep sea oil wells, it is becoming more and more apparent that energy management and production’s effects on the environment will become an increasing rather than decreasing factor in our economy.   

It is important to view the recent environmental disaster in the correct light.  BP will not profit from this disaster.  The real science and engineering behind the situation will be largely obscured by politics and efforts to redirect our attention to desired sources rather than the real issue.  While demanding greater safety standards for high risk environmental projects, it is essential to remember that large oil companies only exist to fulfill the huge demand that we the consumers create. 

It would be unreasonable to completely condemn the use of fossil fuels and attempt to force a quick change to sustainable energy in a short time span.   However every day we have the opportunity to make wise decisions for our economy.  India is leading the way by reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable energy use.    Currently clean, efficient, and independent energy is expensive, but the costs are beginning to go down.  Once entrepreneurs and large energy companies see the possibility for a profit in sustainable energy production, they will improve the market and being to develop technology to lower the cost.  All that remains is for us to create the demand.

In continuing to promote sustainable energy use and carbon footprint reductions, we’re currently working on recognizing more sustainable travel options in RESx and increasing the level of detail in information we gather on the India footprint.

India is not idle in preparing itself for the upcoming paradigms shifts in energy production and usage.  Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% by 2012.  We’re already well on our way to meeting that goal and establishing ourselves as a leader in the sustainable business arena.

We’re continuing to be a presence in environmental award competitions with recent submission to the NBTA Environmental Awards and Dallas Mayor’s Excellence awards.  We look forward to favorable outcomes and will keep you updated in our monthly email with any developments. 


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