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Carrying extra kilograms may make your appearance less attractive, which anyone can see easily. But what happens inside the body is less recognized, news reports said.
The astonishing picture of two women was taken by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRIRI) scanner from Imperial College, London, the Daily Mail reported. These pair of images will give you the idea of what being obese means to organs, bones and muscles.

The woman on the left weighs over 111.13kg whereas the woman on the right weighs under 54kg. The red sign in the picture indicates the muscle, the white for bones, the black for organs and the yellow for fat, it said.
It added that image tells you how fat not just underlie right before the skin, but it positions deep in the skin wrapping up the organs.
'Excess fat especially around the head, neck and back would cause pressure on the nerves and may contribute to headaches and neck pains' said orthopaedic surgeon Mike Hayton through the interviews with the Daily Mail.
But, Professor Jimmy Bell who developed MRIRI says to Dailymail that people can change this picture through diet and exercise and that these images provide a compelling incentive.


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