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Tarkan, 17 October 1972 in the town of Alzey, Germany, the fifth child of a family of six children was born. Love of music started in 3 more years Tarkan, 6 passing grade, 14 years old when his return to Turkey, this great interest in his music, as well as her high school education to take courses led Turkish Art Music. Between the years 1990-92 to continue in the Üsküdar Music Society itself to the world of music encouraged to join, Turkey found the opportunity to work with respected composer.

Finished her high school years and university exam results is open to Germany, the decision to convert Tarkan's full-this while meeting with Mehmet Söğütoğlu the fate largely changed, and music to the world of professional input at the foundations of the first album, "Yine Sensiz", in Istanbul in 1993 by plaque was removed . The first of seven concerts, meet in a short time Tarkan music market by selling 700 thousand albums scored a solid foundation.

In preparation of the second album by Tarkan, Sezen Aksu of Turkey's most important voices met. The two artists met for the first time in musical terms as a result of the work was included in the second album Sikidim song. 1995, the second album, "Aacayipsin" and gave concerts in Turkey and Europe 74 track. This concert is one of 25, so far the largest nationwide tour sponsored coverage, Tarkan in the different cities of Turkey with approximately 750 thousand spectators stadium concerts, which were met. Very important to success with these, Tarkan has signed and the album has sold nearly 2.5 million.

To receive language training after that, went to New York. During this period he met Ahmet Ertegun and Atlantic Records and started working on new projects.

Between the years 1994-97 in Switzerland, the Netherlands and in Germany, covering a total of 12 cities out of 3 major European tour. In 1995, his New York Palladium concert, live in Turkey was released., in July of 1997, the third album, "To die for you" in the world of music with another piece of Sezen Aksu made a big exit. About 2 years preparing for this album Tarkan, Sezen Aksu's success with the contribution requested for the first time and introduced himself to the international music industry. With the voice of the world's third album, this album of Tarkan has sold 3.5 million.

After this success without any break Tarkan concert began. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya in the stadium for concerts, 10 cities covering a Turkey tour was followed by more.

In their concert in South America, the audience accompanied by the song to Tarkan was followed with great enthusiasm., again in December 1997, this time at 18 concerts, consisting of 17 different cities European tour with a new output.

In the meantime, working with artists of the albums and videos with limited vision and not a music production company to have its own goal, Hitt Music project was the starting point.

Records of the Istanbul 1998, "To die for you" album of the license rights in Europe with the famous French company transferred Polgram'a recognition in Europe Tarkan significantly increased.

Thus, Tarkan, especially "Şımarık" to be single, "To die for you" album and was able to sing all over Europe to Turkish. And the same with the album, platinum in Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Colombia won the Golden Plaque award. in the spring of 1999 and in Germany, France, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Morocco, Australia and many different countries such as Tunisia, covering another tour, the same year ended in the summer months.

In February of 2000 to make military service, Tarkan returned to Turkey, immediately surrendered ago 14 on January, 17 August earthquake damaged in the earthquake in Istanbul Mydonose Showland'de are probably the first time in Turkey a special sound and light system used gave a concert.

Of being an artist in the world, increasing responsibility Tarkan, military service, work well on the return of the new album have accelerated. 2 years of rigorous study is a product of the 'Karma' album, America, France and was recorded in studios in Egypt and in May 2001 Kuzu Kuzu single, with 5 different versions were presented to all the music market.

"Kuzu Kuzu" nun Karma album immediately after the beginning of August, 7 August in a concert in Istanbul, starting with the chain continues to meet with the audience.

Tarka the market in 2003, Dudu cikardi judicial albumunu. Tarkan is a long time in October of 2005 expected English Bounce (bounce) single was released in Turkey and Europe. In April 2006 his first English album Come Closer was time the world market, and from the album Start The Fire (Burning Fire) to the second single released songs.


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