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Selfridges & Co. x Motorola   AURA Celestial Edition Cellphone   Competition

Motorola's AURA Celestial Edition, launched to mark the 40th anniversary of man's first landing on the moon, features exclusive, original NASA digital content from the moon landing. It must be mentioned here that it was a Motorola radio transponder aboard Apollo 11 that relayed the first words and TV signals from the moon to Earth on July 20, 1969.

Selfridges & Co. x Motorola   AURA Celestial Edition Cellphone   CompetitionAURA's liquid-crystal display houses 16 million colours and 300dpi resolution on the perfectly round, moon-shaped circular screen, which is a world's first for a mobile device.

The handset is capped with a Grade 1, 62 carat sapphire crystal lens and has more than 700 individual components.

Like a fine tuned tourbillon timepiece, the Motorola AURA Celestial Edition cellphone is a work of art.  Housed in a chemically etched stainless steel casing, the AURA encompassed some 700+ components, like tungsten carbide gears and an "assisted-opening blade"mechanism to swing open the phone.  That in itself consisted of 130 Swiss precision ball bearings. 

The phone also boast the world's first round display with a capacity emit 16-million colors, including some original digital content from NASA.  To topped it off, the phone is finished with a 62-carat sapphire crystal screen, one of the most scratch resistant material on Earth. 

Motorola-Aura-Diamond-Edition_main.jpgNow, this unique precision gear could be yours for FREE as London's Selfridges & Co. is give them away as part of its celebration of Apollo 11 Mission's 40th Anniversary.  Simply enter the Selfridges & Co. x Motorola AURA Celestial Edition Competition for your chance to win.

he latest gold-plated, diamond-studded Aura is christened as Motorola Aura Diamond Edition. For £3,500 ($5,700), the blinged Aura is plated with 18 carat gold. Moreover thirty of the thirty-four diamonds dazzle on the phone's circular display.

Motorola-Aura-Diamond-Edition-1.jpgThe remaining four diamonds sit on the navigation key on the brown keypad. While the features include quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, CrystalTalk technology, stereo Bluetooth, Music and video players, email, web browser, 2MP camera and 2GB of internal memory.

 All set to hit the shelves from 26th October, this brown-n-golden, diamond studded swivel phone is out to woo consumers for the forthcoming festival season. If the Celestial Edition didn't live up to your taste then this Motorola Aura Diamond Edition is sure to win over all bling lovers.


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