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C901 Mocha Gold from Sony Ericsson mocha gold Sony Ericsson revealed its new C901 Mocha Gold phone, a limited edition, exclusive to the Middle East.Commenting on this limited edition phone, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson, MENA, Mr Mohammad Salama, said, "This model features a 5.1megapixel camera with smile shutter, smart contrast, face detection and photofix. Not just that, it also includes Xenon flash, the new trend in mobile phones."The C901 Middle East exclusive includes other features like video stabilizer & recording, red-eye reduction, as well as video and picture blogging capabilities

You can strike gold with the exquisitely designed new limited edition Mocha Gold phone from Sony Ericsson, which was launched globally from the Middle East through Axiom.

Boasting the latest in technology and features, the phone lends an aura of class with its exterior trimmed in layers of 24 carat gold that accent the mocha brown shell. Inside, the phone has a 5.1 mega pixel camera, Xenon flash, instant photo sharing capabilities and wireless printing.

A limited edition, exclusive to the Middle East, the new phone is the most chic and opulent fashion accessory of this fall.

While it is designed beautifully on the outside with a 24 carat gold trim layered over a rich brown exterior, the technology within is equally smart, sophisticated and feature-packed. Inspired by the luxurious and lavish lifestyles of the stars, C901 Mocha Gold is a must-have for those who enjoy sophistication and love to indulge themselves in designer creations.

Commenting on this limited edition phone, Mr. Mohamad Salama, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. flash is a replacement for the photoflash LED used in other camera phones, and is very handy as it produces good indoor images even without very bright lighting. With the instant sharing feature, users can enjoy sharing games, videos, music and much more on the spot.

"Wireless printing is another interesting feature that Sony Ericsson has included in this Mocha Gold limited edition. Users can literally print from anywhere. No more hassles of carrying plugs and laptops around or getting the operating system to identify the printer. It works by launching the application, selecting a photo, and then a print command is sent to the printer via the Wi-Fi network." Mr. Salama added.

The C901 Middle East exclusive includes other features like video stabilizer & recording, red-eye reduction, as well as video and picture blogging capabilities.


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