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Zenvo ST1 is a real supercar.
It's raw power is supplied from a 7 litre V8 engine with both a supercharger and a turbo. The Zenvo ST1 develops 1.104 BHP of power which is controlled at the flick of a switch. Producing a massive 1.430 NM of torque.


The car is 100% Danish design. Denmark has always been known around the world for its cutting edge designers and for the first time "Danish Design " has been applied to a Supercar! The Zenvo ST1.

Zenvo Automotive was founded with only one goal in mind - to produce a unique hand built supercar. The research and development for the prototype started in 2004. The final prototype has now been completed and the car has entered it's last stages of performance testing . In 2009, Zenvo Automotive will start a series production of the car, named the Zenvo ST1. It will be a limited edition with only 15 cars to be built and sold to specially approved customers.

For the engineers and designers within Zenvo Automotive, a clear list of criteria was made to ensure the car would not only be a trackworthy supercar but a car that would be suitable for everyday use. The ST1 even though so powerful, is very drivable and user friendly. It retains the unique feeling of driving a handbuilt supercar while still delivering the needs of modern motoring and safety.

The car is 100% built in Denmark
From it's impressive list of mechanical specifications to it's striking pose the Zenvo ST1 is the result of clever danish design. All these features are blended together to form a vechicle that demands attention but remains purposeful and practical.
The development and production of our supercars takes place in our hyper modern production hall with our dedicated team of motoring enthusiasts making the Zenvo name a reality. Since we work very closely with most of our partners we try to use local suppliers. This makes us able to communicate better and to follow the developing much closer to obtain the best possible result.

Whenever possible we use local suppliers and we work closely with our business partners, enabling us to to not only source the best components but influence the development process to achieve top performance and great design solutions for the Zenvo.


Zenvo Automotive
Egøjevej 120A
DK – 4600 Køge

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