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one of India's most visited websites was launched in January 2004. has been designated by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Google employee who created the service. Initially, only an invitation to the network, Orkut, membership quickly exceeded one million in July, and there were two million by the end of September. The service opened its doors to the public in October 2006, and more than 43.46 million members as of February 2007, it is currently one of the most popular on-line meeting places of new people and maintaining relationships.
is India's largest social
networking site, allowing
users to send messages,
share photos, and make
new friends

Features of

1. Personal profile:- It's your personal profile where you are free to set your profile as your choice and provides high securities of your data.

2. scrapbook :- This is a very interesting features of Here you find the scrap written by your friends to you and and this is a source of chating to your friends.

3. photos :- This category shows the photos uploaded by user.

4. videos :- Using this category you can upload your personal and interested videos.

5. testimonials :- Here the you testimonials written by other friends of user. Also user know by this category that whom did he write testimonials.

The New latest updates about is it's theme. orkut team Updates a lots of theme for your account.

Over 13 million active users,
more than 40% of the Indian
online population
Over 5 billion pageviews
in India each month
Average user visits the site
10 times each month, spending
over 13 minutes per visit
Rakesh ♥♥♥♥♥ experience ♥♥♥♥♥

All the people sign up into by their G-mail id. After sign in you can easily edit your profile and put your personal data in it. You also allowed to put your and your friends photo. You can chat to your friends in case of online or offline also. You can visit your friends profile easily. And also visit profile any anonymous fellow. You can add more friends and grow up your network in orkut. also provides communities facility. This is a one type of groups as like in yahoo. Joint different communities and also made your own communities and also invite your friends in your joined communities and in your own community.

Now a days some very exciting themes are introduced by orkut. And every thing in is free. You can enjoy this types of facilities in only on

/Focus on the users you care about
Target users based on their:


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