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Are you one among those who are ready to donate but are unsure where? Are you too busy to reach out to NGOs or individuals to contribute? Or you want your stuff to be given only to the genuinely deprived, but don't know how? If such problems keep you away from this noble cause, is there to help you.
Needy's Guide to SMS 9731 555 555

Perhaps the first of its kind, the website created six months ago has nearly 5,000 registered givers. To help underprivileged persons, the site has been designed keeping in mind the extensive use of SMS and mobile phones.

The site has separate lists of `Givers' and `Needy'. The `Giver' is the person willing to donate and the `Needy' is the organization or an individual accepting the donation. The `Needy', before being listed, undergoes a thorough check to ensure that the requirements are real. After verification, the `Needy' is registered and gets access to the `Giver' list.
Giver's Guide to SMS 9731 555 555
The donation can be in the form of money or commodity. Once the two parties agree to do the exchange, a meeting place is fixed to make the donation. But the `Giver' has the freedom to decline even after fixing the meeting place.

An interesting feature is the `reward point'. Both parties have to negotiate the price of commodities in terms of reward points. Also, there is a limit for the maximum number of services that the `Needy' can acquire. The limit is calculated on the basis of needs to prevent misuse of the service.

Pictures of Programme Director cum WardenAfter the deal, the `Needy' sends an SMS to the the website, asking for reward points to be awarded to the `Giver' -- this is equivalent to the reward point negotiated for the commodity.

"The highest point-maker, after a period of time, is also rewarded in some form. The system is transparent," said Kumar Anish, founder, GiveG.

The site has nearly 30 `Needy' organizations registered.

So get rid of your clutter in a productive way. The junk for you might be handy for someone else. Now, donate your spare belongings without worrying about whom to give or whether the person actually needs it.


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