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21.12.09 A45 Motocubo

The brand new form factor and white and orange finish give the new Motorola cell phone a young and modern look. Cutting edge technology combined with the slider form factor, QWERTY keypad and big display make the Motorola Motocubo A45 eco a full feature communication tool. The cellular phone permits easy configuration of email accounts for different providers and shows SMS messages in conversation format. The handset comes with a 2 Megapixel camera with digital zoom for photo & video capture and enables users to post images on relationship networks and blogs with just a touch of a button. Eco cell phone

"Consumers are more and more demanding, looking for full featured cell phones that meet their daily needs. Motorola research shows that access to relationship networks, program downloads and surfing the web are among the most in-demand applications for consumers buying new cell phones, and that is precisely what we are delivering with the Mototola A45", says Rodrigo Vidigal, Marketing director, Motorola Brazil. Motocubo A45 features

In addition to social network connectivity and its ecological design, the Motorola A45 eco has a full set of entertainment features, including MP3 player with 3.5 mm connector slot, FM radio with RDS and sound recorder, as well applications such as MotoID (which recognizes the music playing around the cell phone), Last FM, Midomi and Google Maps. The new Motorola Eco cell phone also comes preloaded with games such as Spore and The Sims 2. The Motorola Motocubo comes with a 2GB memory card, expandable to 32GB A45 review availability & price info

The new handset will be in the stores in September with a recommended retail price of R$ 549.00, which could vary depending on region and carrier. As soon as we receive a Motorola Motocubo A45 test sample, we will publish a photo gallery with high resolution pictures, followed by an Motorola A45 review.


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