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Key board and feature suvarna J

Keyboard instruments had a central role in western music for centuries. Today there is a continued had a central role in western music for centuries. Today, there is a continued demand for appropriate keyword instruments for each style. It is unlikely, therefore, that any individual type of keyboard instruments is going to disappear.

C1SClassical music

 Occasional digital technology is used in classical performance, such as when an armature orchestra for example, uses an electronic keyboard as a substitute for a harpsichord or can be large. How ever, substitute, because electronic instruments need to be played through an amplifier and loud speakers. This has a fundamental effect on the sound, making it quite unlike of a "natural "Instrument'.

Rock pop and dance music

With so many style music being created in this field, demand for all types of keyboard instruments will probably remain considerable and is likely to increase. The following are a few examples.

 Hybrid instruments, such as the Yamaha DJs keyboard, are a new development this particular example combines a keyboard with the digital equlant of scratch mixing' facilities used in DJs.

Retro keyboards manufactured in the early days of electronic keyboards, are in great demand, as there will probably be further development is recreating there sounds on modern keyboards.

 Soft-synth keyboards are particularly interesting in an attempt to make keyboards sounds available at the lowest possible cost, some companies are producing keyboard instruments, which exits only as software. When loaded into a computer, the software simulates the sounds of the instruments in question, and displays an interactive image it on the screen, complete with an image of the keyboard layout. This can be played on screen by clicking the keys using a mouse.

The harmonium in India

 The harmonium is also used extensively in India music. This instruments usually used is a small type, which is rested directly on the floor or  on a suitable surface, or carried by the player with one hand , while the player uses the other hand to pump a small set of bellows at the back of the instruments. Because the instruments are small, the air has only a short distance to travel between the bellows and the reeds. This combined with the facts that the action of the bellows is very direct and can be controlled by the player, gives the Indian harmonium a levely, agile sound.



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