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 As we all known each and every one of us have friends. There are some people who think, that life is not possible with out friends. This can be true to a certain extent. Some people make good friends who can never be forgotten for the life time. We make friends many things which can be told to friends but not our patients.

 It is important to judge a person before getting them very close to our heart. A friend should be the one who walks with you when the rewet of the world walks out.

 We always must be alert while choosing a friend. Be slower while choosing a friend, but be slower while loosing a friend. While loosing a friend we must take more time than choosing to think weather to loose or not.

 We must make new friends where ever we go, but must not forte the old ones. Old is always gold. An old friend is the best mirror. He / she know about use more than we do. A wise man or a good friend remembers us only when they are in need.

friendship.jpg "A friend in need is a friend in deed" is the saying of great thinker. A person is a good friend when he /she really help us when we are in need, not expecting anything in return. A friend is guide, a advisor and enjoys the with us and even share the sorrows in equal proportion.

A friend can influence you to a great extent. When we join with good friends and take up some task, the result is always the best. God made the world with abundance of beauty and a handful of peopled with a heart full of love. A helping hand should always be friends at the time you are in trouble so tale your time in making good friends and see to that your retain their friendship throughout.




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