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A Goa minister has admitted his wife is a member of the right-wing Hindu group believed to be responsible for a blast on the eve of Diwali. One of the two men planting the bomb died in the explosion. Goa Transport Minister's wife belongs to Sanatan Sanstha, a religious group headquartered in Goa. "My wife has been involved with Sanstha activities for over a decade, primarily meditational activities. She does not hold any post within the Sanstha, and is a volunteer there," clarifies Ramkrishna Dhavlikar, the Transport Minister. He also confirms that his wife spends up to 3 hours every day at the Sanstha's centre for meditation.

In a press release issued after the blasts, Sanatan Sanstha said, "We do not indulge in any anti social activity and do not encourage the same. That is why on 16th October, we have cooperated with the police investigations and will continue to cooperate in the future too."

Investigating officials say the group's activities used to be restricted to publishing periodicals and organizing religious discourses. But the group has been blamed by the Maharashtra police for recent communal riots in Sangli and Miraj. Two cases have been registered against the Sanatan Sanstha for inciting communal violence and for possessing arms; another three cases accuse the group of inciting hatred.


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