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With national brands like Mirinda, Fairever, Clinic All Clear, Spinz, Parachute and Tanishq in her bag, she is the undisputed Kollywood queen of ads at the moment. She is also a pioneer in terms of endorsements, taking up Big FM. She commands close to 1.25 crores for an annual contract which may include a maximum of a week's shooting, few functions etc. With Ghajini happening, national recognition is just round the corner and we may just see this figure shoot up.

Her biggest brand is Fanta. Then there's Tata Indicom, Cadbury's Perk, the Fiama di wills range of cosmetics and Scooty Pep. Even if not through films, Trisha is now a pretty familiar face in many parts of India. Charges up to Rs 75 lakhs for an annual contract. When she was more into modeling she even had traditional brands like Horlicks to her credit. Saran

You get few better looking models and no wonder she has got plenty of endorsements starting from every model's dream – Lux and other popular brands like Fair and Lovely, Red Label Tea and Saravana Stores Jewellery. She gets around Rs 75 lakhs for an annual contract.


She's just in and is bagging quite a few big deals in the market. With the kind of looks that she's got, it's not surprising. BSA-e-scooters is the one leading name that she endorses. Before entering Kollywood she had Shakthi Masala and RmKV, now she also has Saravana stores. Not yet in the big league; gets paid Rs.20 lakhs a year.

cute actress sneha

She has been around for quite a while now and must be Saravana Store's most prolific ambassador. You have come to associate her with the Saravana chain. Then, she is the regional face of Sunfeast Marie Light and Aashirvaad atta. Having been around for so long, it is to her credit that she is still in high demand. Falls in the Rs.20 lakhs bracket.

She started off as a print model and still enjoys quite a few endorsements. She has got the prestigious Chennai Silks and the regionally strong Aachi Masala. Is paid around Rs.10 lakhs for an annual contract.


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