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Shunned that body-hugging, sexy dress for a loose  kurta  because it hides your love handles better? Though Bebo initiated 'size-zero' fashion in Bollywood that has its heroines now getting into the 'bikini-body-frame', a fashion reality check reveals that most of us are cribbing about our size, especially when it comes to a style splurge.

So, if you are well endowed? Don't fret; with just a few smart alterations in your dress code, you can now proudly flaunt your assets. We get top fashion experts to help you camouflage your problem areas and reveal a leaner and slimmer appearance:

1. Well endowed bust Broader neck lines: "To give your bust a more defined shape and add an elongated look to your neck, choose V-necks, boat-necks, scoop necks and open-collar button-ups. Strictly avoid high-necks, polo necks and Chinese collars, if looking stuffy is not on your mind," advises designer Ritu Kumar.
Right intimates: Most importantly choose the right size of innerwear. Prefer getting your self measured at the lingerie store if buying a good supportive bra is on your mind.
Minimal detailing : "Keep the embroidery and detailing totally minimal and select clothes that accentuate your back," recommends designer Ritu Beri.
Well fitted clothes: "Wearing loose and oversized baggy tops will only make you look bigger, rather than down playing your assets. Instead, pick a well-fitted, sleek outfit that glides over your curves," recommends designer Khushali Kumar.
'Tuck-in's are not for you : "Go for clothes that give your mid section (the area from the end of your bust line till the beginning of your waistline) an elongated look. 'Tuck-in' styles are not for you. Let your top reach a few inches below your bottom's waist line (trouser/skirt/jeans)," says designer Amit GT.

2. Fuller waist or big tummy
Tailored clothing – "Don't try and fit into clothes that are not your size. Go, for tailored attires. Not only will they fit you well but it will also look impressive," adds designer Ritu Kumar.
Create magic with corsets: "Try a corset to hold in your stomach. Avoid anything that tightens on your tummy and go for flared tops and dresses that give you a definitive silhouette," says designer Ritu Beri.
Comfy attires : "Tunics and kurtas in straight, comfy fits in fabrics like cotton and chiffon look good. However, experimenting with well-fitted, stretch fabrics is not a bad idea either, since it will give you a better shape," adds designer Khushali Kumar.
Belt it right : "Sporting chunky belts on jeans is not an option, though a broad belt when worn over a monochrome dress can give an illusion of a slimmer waist," says designer Amit GT. 3. Bottom heavy –Pear shaped figure
Solace in sari : "Nothing suits a pear shaped structure more
Fight flab with fashion

than a sensuous saree. And if you are tall, an anarkali cut kurta can do justice to camouflage your big bottom. However, in Western wear go for trousers that are roomy on the top and tapered at the bottom, or else you might look stout," further adds designer Ritu Kumar.
Empire waistline is in vogue : "Concentrate on your top half by wearing halters and other interesting necklines, while avoiding focusing on shapes under the waist. Empire-shaped waist-lines that flare below the waist and enhance your bust are the best bet," says designer Ritu Beri.

3. Low-waisted pants : "Pick flared trousers rather than going in for skinny or pencil trousers. While choosing jeans, remember that boot-cuts are ideal. Go for low-waisted jeans. That a high-waist will hide your booty is a myth," says designer Khushali Kumar.
Mid length jackets: Avoid trench coats, if looking like a penguin is not on your mind; instead pick up smart jackets or mid-length shirts that fall just above your butt.
Skirt it right: "While picking up skirts, apart from an A-line pattern, you can even try tulip and pencil cut skirts with a slit at the back that reach a little below your knees. These designs will show off your curves in a natural shape. But, avoid pleated skirts," says designer Amit GT.
4. Thunder thighs Indian is chic : "Indian wear is perfect. Well-fitted Punjabi suits with salwars/ churidars add to your sensuality. Talking about Western wear, pick up flared skirts that are fitted in the hip region," recommends designer Ritu Beri.
Nothing short : "Wear long, full dresses and avoid pants/shorts/short dresses. If you have thicker, shorter legs, say 'no' to cropped or capri pants. They will only make your legs look shorter, while long pants will lengthen your legs, giving you a slimmer appearance," says designer Ritu Beri.
Wrap it in style : "Wrap-around styles are ideal for you. Exploit it to the hilt! Be it wrap tops or dresses, this style is a definite saviour for you," says designer Amit GT.

5. Apple shape (over all plus size) Vertical stripes : "Vertical and not horizontal stripes work for you, but make sure Fight flab with fashion your vertical stripes are also not very broad, else you might look bloated out," feels designer Ritu Kumar.
Colour it right : "It's better to wear single colours rather than breaking your look with two colours. Fall in love with black and try wearing the colour either on the top or bottom for a slimmer look," says designer Ritu Beri..
No overdose of prints : "Big and bold prints are not meant for you. Opt for smaller prints, but ensure you are not overplaying with them. Go for layering as much as possible, as it tends to hide the flab," says designer Amit GT.
Flat-front pants: "Go in for pants and jeans with a low-waist. This will make your tummy and hips look smaller giving you a lean look. Also, pick trousers with a flat front and zipper on the sides," says designer Khushali Kumar.
6. Flabby arms
Don't accentuate : "Do not accentuate your arm with armlets etc, instead focus on interesting necklines," says designer Ritu Beri.
No off sleeves: "Avoid wearing sleeveless attires, even cap sleeves are killers. Instead go for three-quarter, fitted sleeves to lend your arms a slender look," says designer Amit GT.
Layer it well : "The best way to deal with not so well-toned arms is to wear a black shrug beneath a sexy halter or off-sleeve top. Not only will this hide the flab, but will also look trendy," says designer Khushali Kumar.

7. Accessories: Minimal jewels: "Keep jewellery to a bare minimum, especially on your neck. Concentrate on chunky earrings falling on a bare neck as it adds to your sensuality," says designer Ritu Kumar
Rise high in heels : "Never forget your heels! If you can't wear them high, wear opt for a one-inch heel. It will not only make you taller, but will also bring grace to your gait," says designer Ritu Beri
No chokers : "Talk about Indian jewellery and neck kissing chokers are a big 'no' for you. Instead, opt for long neck pieces," says designer Amit GT.

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