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Ever noticed your perfume change its fragrance through the day? Wondered why? Any perfume when worn, smells different by the end of the day, because it goes through different stages before it dies out.

Confused? Here's why... Every perfume has three parts, commonly known as notes. Each note gives out a different scent.

Top notes
These are but, the first fragrances a perfume gives out. It usually makes the first impression for the perfume. These evaporate quickly and last only for 15 minutes usually. So they have to be really good, huh? Citrus scents are most common for the top notes.

Middle notes
Also known as heart notes, these surface just as the top notes evaporate. These last longer, usually for an hour. However, these take a longer while to develop.
Usually floral scents are used for middle notes.

Base notes
These go a long way and form the essence of a perfume. The scents released in this note is how the perfume smells by the end of the day. This note lasts for several hours. Now you know why you shouldn't buy a perfume in a jiffy.
Usually woody and earthy scents are used in this note.
Wear a perfume with spicy connotations. Probably something with cinnamon and vanilla as their base notes. Or go for something fruity. It will leave you smelling mmmm!
Wear a light floral fragrance to lift your spirits on the days you feel a little blue.
Just like that...
Perfumes with citrus notes are best suited for days you feel up to some fun. It will keep the mood going.
Do not disturb...
When you feel like you'd rather be left to yourself, splash on an air of sophistication. Even better, dab on some attitude with woody fragrances.

How to choose


However, while choosing any of the best perfumes for men, make sure it blends effortlessly with their magnetic personality.


There are mainly two distinct things to be considered about women's perfumes — the bottle and the fragrance. If it is a gift, then keep in mind that the fragrance is nice and the bottle represents something special to her.

So go ahead, play with your notes. If you know enough, you could even be a perfumist one day!

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