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SRK's 'Chak De India' was an honest eye-opener for our identity as an Indian, lost somewhere in our daily mundane activities. Chak de brought together players of all states to fight together for one common goal. The coach categorically tells them to speak out their names followed by India and not the name of the state. It's not an outright patriotic movie but has a very strong inbuilt sense of pride for the country. Just like the present generation. We don't show patriotism on the roads but all of us swear by it. Produced under the Yash Raj banner, 'Chak De India' became the fourth top grossing movie of 2007 in India, winning numerous awards including eight for Best Film.
Aamir Khan's 'Rang De Basanti' brought patriotism so close to the youth like never before. After 'RDB', being patriotic was cool. The parallel drawn between the freedom fighters with a strong love for the country and the youth of today with fire to fight the system, is thought provoking. At that time we had to fight a foreign enemy and today we have a different enemy to fight against. The film was clear signal that if youth unites for a cause then every one better watch out. The candle light vigil shown in the movie actually saw many parallels in real life after the movie. Despite facing stiff resistance from the Indian Defense Ministry this movie directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra was India's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2006 BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards.

Bollywood did not refrain from calling out the conscience of the Indian Diaspora through 'Swades'. Inspired by the true story of an NRI couple who returned to India and developed the pedal power generator to light remote, off-the-grid village schools, 'Swades' sets up goals which are larger than life. Set in a very simplistic backdrop, this film shows not just the power one person but also how higher education can be used to solve some very basic issues.

In the same year as 'Swades' came the Hrithik Roshan starer 'Lakshya'. Set in the back drop of the Kargil war, 'Lakshya' explored the dilemma and indecisiveness of the country's youth. 'Lakshya' drives home the idea that the nations responsibility is on one and all and not just with those few who are guarding the borders.
This historic film set in the Victorian period of the British Raj took India all the way to the Oscars. Amir Khan's 'Lagaan' was liked by masses and critics alike. 'Lagaan' almost makes you feel and hope that during that era if all of the people could really defeat the foreigners with cricket matches. It's a clear message of courage and sheer grit to protect the fellow citizens. It attempts to over come the caste system and shows how the biggest challenges and worst enemies can be overcome by fighting hand in hand. British oppression coupled with cricket proved to be the perfect recipe for success.

Border, the multi-starer blockbuster war film based on the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War touched many hearts and renewed the sense of belonging to the motherland. True to the Bollywood style, this movie has its share of song, dance and drama without deviating from the core subject. Border highlights the sacrifice made by the brave sons of the soil and calls upon us not let that sacrifice go waste.

some of the movies made lot of impact on the society , some of the movies was movies was eye opening, this movies is needed for the ppl of the coutry for bringing the youth in the good line of life style. directors are important part  for bring these movies for lime lite.


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