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A remake of South super hit Pokhiri.



: Prabhu Deva




: Boney Kapoor


Music Composer


: Sajid Ali
: Wajid Ali


Art Director


: Wasiq Khan




: Puri Jagan




: Nirav Shah

It is a remake of Telugu film Pokiri staring Mahesh Babu and Ileana D'Cruz. Incidentally, director Prabhu Deva also remade the Telugu film into Tamil as Pokkiri starring Vijay and Asin.

Sashank (Salman Khan) is a mafia henchman who is willing to kill anyone and anywhere for money. In a visit to his uncles aerobic center he meets Sneha (Ayesha Takia) he gets attracted to her, Both meet each other several times coincidentally such as on the train, in the market, and even stuck in the elevator together. Soon, he falls in love with Sneha. Sneha starts to like Sashank, but she was hesitant to express her love towards him.

Just when Sneha confesses her love to Sashank, a bunch of mafia goons attack Sashank. But Sashank is able to kill all of them, and in front of Sneha's eyes. Sneha has never known that Sashank was working for a mafia gang, and is terrified.

Sashank becomes a part of the gang headed by Ali Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar), a Dubai based don. Ali Bhai wants to kill a minister in public by using a bomb blast, but Sashank refuses as it will cause many innocent deaths. As they are discussing and arguing, the police come and arrest Ali Bhai, who has been wanted for a long time. Bhai's rowdies kidnap the hones ACP Ashutosh Diwakar's (Sayaji Shinde) daughter. Blackmailing him with the same, Ali Bhai comes out from prison. After coming from jail, Ali Bhai comes to know that somebody from his group is a police officer.
Not knowing who this is in his gang, he finds out the name of his father and goes there hoping to kill the snitch. He kills a man there believing him to be Shashank Manohar, but soon finds out that the man was only the police officer's brother(adopted). To find the true identity of the police officer, he kills his father (Om Puri).

As the news spreads as to his father's death, the police vehicles arrive and out steps Shashank Manohar (who is none other than Sashank). Shashank Manohar goes to Ali Bhai's hideout, and after a gripping climax, kills him and his gang.



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