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Michael Bay is the Godfather of Hollywood blockbusters. Transformers is easily his biggest and most successful money-making enterprise till date.

So when he decides to revisit it and gets the bad guys (Decepticons) and the good (Optimus Prime and his gang) ones to do battle, we know there will be more than just fireworks.

To those  whom names like Megatron, Cybertron and Fallen don't ring a bell, all they need to know is that the big baddie of the evil robots plans to wage a war against mankind to resurrect a machine that will give him domination over the entire planet.

In the process, Sam (LeBeouf) and hot girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox) team up with Optimus Prime and some human friends to prevent the apocalypse from happening.
Bay brings out the big guns in the second chapter. He fills up the screen with effects and action sequences that make the first film look like extras on a DVD.

The Decepticons and their leader (the Fallen) are remorseless creatures who instill fear and destruction into your hearts the moment they come to life. Setting the second half in Egypt works splendidly for the film to broaden its horizon and give the battle scenes an enigmatic feel.

Julie White is on point as Sam's over-protective mother and her scenes on his college campus are hilarious! Linkin Park's theme song New Divide blends into the storyline and comes off strong and solid. When any film clocks close to 150 minutes of screen time it needs to have very good reasons to do so! However, Transformers 2 doesn't seem to justify it's length and drags the second half into a climax that seems like a box of firecrackers lit up accidentally.

Bay sacrifices logic and reason to make way for mind-boggling visual treats and fancy SFX that will light up an IMAX screen. The plot is straight-up contrived treading on thin ice. Between fact and fiction, it's a fact that Megan Fox is super-hot and smouldering, but it's fiction that one can expect her to say a line without pouting that brand new lip gloss plastered on her lips!

Less of a sidekick and more of a show girl, Fox deserved a meatier role and a classier intro! Shia sleep walks through half the film. We can't blame the kid since he must have spent most of the time talking to a green screen and invisible robots. Transformers leaves you with a heavy feeling of sitting through a roller coaster that is more of a bump and less of a ride!


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