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So we all know that Dev and Freida are an item so why are they still trying to avoid being pictured together?
Following a romantic meal out in New York, the Slumdog Millionaire stars left for their hotel together.
However, when they spotted the waiting photographers Dev ran off in the opposite direction leaving a giggling Freida to face the cameras alone.

Dev kept on running but he couldn't stop laughing either.
Rumours surfaced that Freida Pinto, 24 and Dev Patel, 19, were more than just friends back in February as Slumdog mania swept the world.
Co-star Anil Kapoor finally let the cat out of the bag to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show saying 'When I meet them, I feel there is something happening,' before adding that the couple shared 'a magical chemistry'.
Magic, chemistry and laughter; too cute!

Freida Pinto was born in Mumbai to Sylvia Pinto, a principal of St. John's Universal High School (Goregaon), and Frederick Pinto, a senior branch manager at the Bank of Baroda. Freida Pinto's father is from Neerude and mother from Derebail, both towns in Mangalore. She is a Mangalorean Catholic [unreliable source?] and in an interview, Pinto stated that she is "completely pure Indian"; The name Pinto most likely originates from the arrival of Portuguese missioniaries in India in which many Hindus converted to Christianity changing both their given and family names.
Her older sister Sharon Pinto is an associate producer on the NDTV news channel.
Pinto studied at Carmel of St. Joseph School in Malad and completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English Literature from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She currently resides in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai.
She is also trained in different forms of Indian classical dance as well as Salsa.
She was once engaged to her former publicist Rohan Antao , but she called off the engagement soon after she achieved stardom. She is currently dating Slumdog Millionaire co-star, Dev Patel. She was also featured in People Magazine's Most Beautiful People List.


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