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in himachal pradesh some people living in 12 villages are speaking greak. a Swedish university is in talks with the Institute of Tribal study of Himachal University to do research on this people who know greak . the want to stud about the trace and origin of the language that the people of Malana, a village located at a height of 8,600 ft and considered as the oldest democracy, speak. And second, trace the origin of the people in Malana. the people use a mixture of various languages. research tell about 500 to 600 words that are used in their dialect and will be tracing them back to the languages from which they may have been taken. This could give us a clue to its origin," researcher said. The people of Malana have their facial features that, to an extent, resemble the Romans'.
Alexander the Great had defeated Indian king Porus along the banks of the Beas. After a series of campaigns on India, his soldiers felt tired and wanted to return home. Alexander, too, is said to have gone back home. Lore has it that some of his soldiers, too tired to return, preferred to settle down along the banks of the Beas and it is said residents of Malana may be their descendants. if alex's tomb is found the tresure which was burried can be bring out for swedish economy.


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