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Event production

Event production is back bone of all the event production department takes the event brief from the client service and then it segregates the work among them it segregates the work among them self by the requirement needed by the client as the event it self.

There is 3 types of production is an event that is

·         Pre event production 

·         Post event production

·         Post event production

Pre event production – production team will collect the relevant data needed by the event like sound, lighting , special effects ,lazers, visuals setup, venues, permission, catering facility, security, when to launch the event , when to launch artist , doing marketing, getting man power, generators etc

It will help the production team to make the costing for the event.

After this process the event team will select the vendor and select them for the event.

This will help the event company to analyse the profit or loss.

By doing costing we can plan to do cost cutting in certain area.


Venue production\onsite production-it starts 10days to 1month before the event date. It happens in the place where the final event is going to launch. venue production or nothing  but preparing the peace of land to event spot ex putting shameyana to building the stage, planning parking area ,palming and arranging  catering places and cooking place , making entry arch, entry  and exit door and also emergency exit door, sound and visuals arrangements installation, taking permission for event like

Pwd, municipal, police, power, ppl, baricading.

Event production – cleaning up the event area finalising the accounting of all the vendors which have taken place at the on site production requirements after un-staling the venue and handling the venue to people whom we hired.

Important in production department

The production department will be working 24/7 in the event organization  when there is no event the production department will collect all the information about the others= events which  have taken place by other event company.

It is also hunt for the new technology invented or can be used for the event to make their event better than the best

 The also educate the other  staff of the orginasation about  the new technology or  they keep training programs for the organization  people to know  about it and make use about that in there field of work.

Production department will be communication with there vendor to update them by the cost and service they provide and may check the quality wok they do.

They collect the requride data to the work future events, it may be like service to add up for their event, to make there event in lesser cost and in better quality, and try to make profit out of that.

8 roles of production team

The role of the production team in an even and also in event company is vast it is the pillar or   man behind the success of the event company is vast it is the pillar or man behind the success of the pillar or event.

1.       They provide huge contribution for the event.

2.       They communicate with all types of vendors which they require for the smooth flow of the event.

3.       Production team decides the qualities and type of audio visual equipment to be used in an event.

4.       They suggest the company or client to choose the one of the best to be decided for the event.

5.       They communicate with artist required and there requirement to the event and to accommodation to them for the event.

6.       They prepare the cost for the event.

7.       They segregate the work for different departments for the event and to complete that works before the final day of the event to happen.

8.       They get all the relevant permission s required for event

9.       They finally solve the issues before the event open.

(The role of the [production team after receiving a brief for of an event:-

Event managers should prepare the elements of the brief,

And requirement of the client get the requriment of the client to know the budget of the event.

To start with basic of work, segregates the work for all the event departments make sure wok is some in given time. Give job for the creative department at first.devide the work in each segment of the work in and put the people in charge in that work and divide the work in different parts and make sure that parts is done on time, get all the vendors and there requirement, and give there requirement at the to ovoid the work broken down.



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