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Event production= the back bone of all event management organisation.

The production team takes care of all fabrication and on site production of the events.

This team is the liaison between all associations undertaken to supply, necessary equipment to produce the event.

Role of production team:-

  • Database
    • All event related suppliers database
    • Inventory and rate cards of the above
    • Venue database
  • Licenses and legalities
  • Logistics and planning
  • Flawless execution
  • Cost cutting
  • Quality control
  • Vendor relationship management
  • In house meetings.

Event production is back bone of all the events. Production department takes the event brief from the client services and then it segertes the work among them self by the requirement needed by the client as well as the event it self there is 3types of productions in an event production

Pre event production- production team will collect the data needed by the event like sound, lighting, special effects, lazers, visuals setups, venues, permissions, caterings faculties' security. When to lunch the event, artists, marketing (if required), man power, generators .etc.

It will help the production team to make the costing for the event. After this process the event team will select the vendor and select them for the event.

After this process the event team will select the vendor and select them for the event .this will help the event company to analyze the profit or loss.

By doing costing we can plan to do the costing in certain aspects.


Venue production or on site production: it starts 1 month to 10 days before the event date.

It happens in the place where the final event is going to lunch.

Venue production is nothing but preparing the peace of land to a event spot .ex putting shameyana to building the stage ,planning and arranging caterings and selecting cooking places ,making entry arches ,entry and exit doors, sound and visuals arrangements /installations ,taking permission for event like pwd .municipal office , police ,power etc

Post event production: cleaning up the event venue, finalizing the accounts of all the vendors which have taken places at the on site production requirements after uninstalling the venue handling over the places as it was given to us




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