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Are you ready to be stupefied by a fast-paced thriller? Then, hold on to your chair and get geared for Ram Gopal Varma's latest movies 'Agyaat'. Produced by Ram Gopal Varma, Ronnie Screwvala, Zarina Mehta, Ram Mirchandani and Siddharth Roy Kapur, it will hit the theaters under the banner of 'UTV Motion Pictures', on 24th July 2009. The star cast of the film includes Nisha Kothari, Nitin Reddy, Ravi Kale, Ishrat Ali, Kali Prasad Mukherjee, Harvey Rosemeyer, Rasika Duggal, Joy Fernandes and Gautam Rode.

The story of 'Agyaat' revolves around a film unit, which goes into a forest, in order to do shooting for its upcoming movie. The place where they settle down boasts of bare minimal facilities and is run by a weird and peculiar man Setu. The hero of the film is Sharman, a popular actor who is only concerned about two things - his muscles and the leading lady Aasha (Nisha Kothari). On the other hand, Aasha puts up with him only because he is such a big star. The director of the film is JJ, who thinks of himself as the Steven Spielberg of India, while Moorty thinks of him as an idiot who is screwing up the film.
As a part of the film unit, we have Laxman, a seemingly submissive spot boy who has a concealed atrocious ego. Then, we have Cinematographer Shakky, a philosophical guy, and Action Director Rakka, a frustrated man who hates the leading actor, Sharman. Other unit members include Script Supervisor Sameera, a simple girl who has principles and harbors a secret crush on Sujal (Assistant Director), who is mesmerized by the leading lady Aasha. One fine day, the camera plays spoil sport and the crew has to ask for a replacement, which will take at least two days to arrive.

In the two-day break from work, they are given the option of a camping trip into the forest, by Setu. With no other form of entertainment or communication, they jump at his offer and soon, they are driven deeper into the jungle, by Setu, in a relic Jonga. While Setu is so comfortable with the twisting roads and innumerable turns, the crew members find everything around them to be looking the very same. As the night falls, all of them settle down near a pond and start a bonfire. Suddenly, Setu hears a strange sound and goes to investigate it. When he doesn't return for sometime, others search for him and find his dead body.

Tired and frightened, they get into the Jonga and try to escape. However, in their haste and total unfamiliarity with the terrain, they end up being involved in an accident and the axle breaks, rendering the vehicle useless. With Setu, the only guy who knew how to get out of jungle, dead, they don't know which way to go. In the meantime, one of the unit members gets brutally killed. Now, they realize that someone out there is after them. Now, as the crew members start getting killed one-by-one, starts the fight to survive against that unknown entity. 

What will happen now? Will anyone of the crew members survive the jungle or not?Well, if at all there is anyone who can be called as the personification of controversy... better still... controversy's favorite child, then, needless to say that Ram Gopal Varma will win it hands down! Not the one new to problems and disagreements, Ramu is at in again, this time with the Censor Board asking him to re-edit the track ‘Jai Shri Shambhu’ from his forthcoming film ‘Agyaat’. 

The Censor Board reasoned it out that in the said track, the film's lead heroine Priyanka Kothari, is seen puffing a chillum while she croons 'Dum Maaro, Yeh Hai Sahara'. The Board asked to re-edit the said song, but only for television as it depicts substance abuse.
On his part, Ramu, who is aghast with the turn of events, opined, ''People can take drugs and show in film, that's ok. There is so much discretion on part of censor board. However, as a law abiding citizen of the country, I'll go with whatever the law says.'' Agyaat is trying to kill her says Priyanka 

Priyanka Kothari by birth, switched to Nisha Kothari and now again rocking as Priyanka; Ms. Kothari is back in tinsel town. She will be seen in RGVs soon to release Agyaat. The film is about a film unit which goes for a jungle-shoot and go astray. The crew-members get killed one after the other, leaving the rest running for their life. It is not known to anyone who has killed them, or whether it is a man or animal or something else.

Buzz up!
“Even audience would not know who the killer is. There are so many incidences that happen in our lives and we don’t have answer for it, similarly the film is about the unknown. It will be the journey of fear for the audience,” elucidates Priyanka. She adds further, “I play a film actress, her name is Asha. She is very elegant, dignified and a very strong woman.”

Looking back, the actress confesses she still gets jitters at times and has not overcome the fear of Agyaat, “Just two days back I felt like Agyaat is following me and is trying to kill me. I don’t think I would be able to go to Thames temple again.”

She is famously known as Ghungroo of the infamous attempt of remaking the classic. And from thereon she came to be known as RGVs girl. “I always loved working with him. He presents me beautifully onscreen. He has always given me interesting roles. He is a genius and it’s always an honour to work with him,” she extols.

Now again she is coming back after two years in a Hindi film by RGV. “It is not my comeback. I only appear in media when my film is about to release. This doesn’t mean I am not around. Most of the actors do one film a year, so even my film is coming after one and a half year; it is not comeback as I was always here. I was waiting for the right script to come my way,” she asserts.

Priyanka has recently resumed her birth name and denies any confusion for audience. “It is just the name that has changed, I am the same person and so is my work. I felt more comfortable with the name Priyanka and got bored with Nisha so I got back to my original identity,” she states bluntly. Not that we are complaining of two Priyankas in Bollywood!

Actually the reason we were missing her from the Bollywood circuit is because Priyanka was keeping busy down south! She has done films in Telgu, Tamil and Kannada. “Nothing it’s just the passion for films whether it is South film or Hindi film. For me it’s just the character that matters,” she concludes. Wake up Agyaat girl, you talk of going downtown when your contemporaries aspire to go uptown Hollywood


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