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The Third Sector
          First Sector – Government, Second Sector – Businesses
          Third Sector - NGO, Non profit, Not for profit
          Society, Trust or a Non-profit Company
Range of organisations -
          Global, national, regional, local
          Type of cause – Issues, a segment of marginalised society
          Some very broad based, some very niche
          Operational/ Funding/ Services/ Bridging
          Type of work – Research, Community based projects, self development
Economies of the Third Sector
Income Tax Exemptions –
          For the Organisation - Section 12 A of the Income Tax Act 1961
          For the Donor –
        80G Certificate – 50% Exemption
        35(a)(c) – 100% Exemption
        80GGA – 100% Exemption
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act – FCRA
What's Social Marketing
          Born in the 1970s – Philips Kotler and Gerald Zaltman
          To sell ideas, attitudes and behaviours
          Kotler and Andreasen "Social marketing can be defined as differing from other areas of marketing only with respect to the objective of the marketer and his or her organisation. Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviour not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society."
          Most importantly, the whole reason for social marketing is just the reverse of why profit making companies use marketing!
        Profit making companies – Expand, grow, make itself indispensable
        Social Marketing – To make the organisation redundant is the goal       
The 8 P's of Social Marketing
          Product – Ranges from physical product, to services, to practices to intangible ideas
          Price – What the consumer must do to obtain the social marketing product. It may be monetary or it may require the consumer to give up intangibles like time or effort or to risk embarrassment and disapproval.
          Place – The way the product reaches the consumer. For a physical product it may be the distribution channels, but for intangible ideas it will be the way or manner in which the consumers get in touch with the product.
          Promotion – This consists of the integrated use of advertising, public relations, promotions, media advocacy, personal selling and entertainment vehicles.
          Public – External and internal groups/ audiences
          Partnership – Reversing competition
          Policy – Environment, government, media
          Purse Strings – Grants, aid, donations                
Example of a marketing mix strategy
For a breast cancer screening campaign for older women
          Product – Getting an annual mammogram, seeing a physician each year for a breast exam, performing monthly breast self exams
          Price – Monetary costs of mammogram, potential discomfort and embarrassment, time, possibility of finding a lump
          Place – Local hospitals, clinics, camps
          Promotion – Public service announcements, hoardings, media events, mailing, community outreach
          Publics – Other than the actual target audience say women between 40 to 65 years of age in low income groups, the people who influence their decisions like their husbands or physicians, policymakers, workplace environment managers
          Partnership – Local / national women's groups, corporate sponsors, media organisation, service clubs
          Policy – Increase access to mammograms through lowe4r costs, requiring insurance and Mediclaim, increasing funding for breast cancer research
          Purse Strings – Government grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, bigger cancer foundations
Charity events
What is a charity event?
          A charity event is an event that is organised in order to mobilise resources for a socially committed not for profit organisation.
          The resources could be monetary, in kind, time or skills.
          It is an event which is normally organised with funds raised through sponsors and donations and the benefits from the box office receipts or any other receipts go to the organisation.
          Often for a charity event people volunteer their time, effort and skills to ensure that the organisation gets maximum benefit out of it.
          In aid of, in support of, Benefit show – other names for charity event.
Organising a charity event
          Deciding the objectives, essentially targets
          Brainstorming options
          Selecting a few that may work and scouting for content
          Working out economics for each option
          Sounding off a few prospective sponsors
          Zeroing on one event that proves to be most economical
          Contacting booking content providers, planning content, benefits to sponsors, PR, budgets, earnings
          Working out the sensitive issues
          Identifying likely sponsors
          Creating customised proposals for them, pitching, negotiating, sealing deals
          Running the event
          Post event clean up, collections, completions
Benefits to the sponsor of the charity event
          Sales promotion
          Media Advertising
          Public Relations
          Customer Appeasement
Through these what he gets is –
          Sales push
          Customer pleasure
          Known as a socially responsible entity
Types of charity events
          Sports and Entertainment
          Mass Events and Niche events : Volume and Value
          Celebrity endorsements
        Art Auction
        Golf Tournament
        Theatre Festival
        Film premiere
        Charity Dinner with performance
        Benefit Cricket Matches
        Auction of special memorabilia
        Food Festivals
        Charity Challenges
Importance of Public Relations 
          Most important tool which brings credibility to the organisation
          Gives the cause the awareness and focus it needs
          Gives sponsors the reason to associate
          Builds image for all concerned
          Representation from all voices
          Media becomes a platform for wider discussion on the cause/ issue
          Build relationships with the media
Things to keep in mind
          Bridging the sponsors need and the need of the cause
          Sensibilities, awareness of the social sense
          Need to be keep in mind the sensibilities of the target audience
          Briefing the media well
          Maximise outcomes in terms of funds
          Accounting precision
          Income tax, sales tax, entertainment tax and other taxation detailing
          Legalities cleared
          Tie-ups with associated organisations
Global Charity Organisations
          Operational Organisations: Actionaid, Green Peace, Cheshire Homes,
          Funding Organisations: Ford Foundation, Japan Foundation, Nippon Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation
          Service Organisations: Resource Alliance, Fundraising Foundation, Board Source
          Bridging Organisations: Arts and Business
Working a cause
Choose a cause & create a Charity Event
          A suicide helpline across the four metros and Bangalore.
          Working towards a better environment in a city.
          Working for the rights of women abused by domestic violence.
          Giving scholarships to talented young men and women to study the arts in universities abroad.
          Working with men suffering from alcohol abuse.
          Looking at providing vocational training to physically challenged youth.
          Working for Aids awareness programme among young adults.



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