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BUYING something you don't need, having a sickie and not cleaning the house help Australians relieve stress and feel young again, a survey has found.The Weight Watchers Naughty Survey found 94 per cent of the 1045 people quizzed enjoy a bit of mischief, and 72 per cent believe naughty people have more fun.

Retail therapy and Aussie traditions are the most popular way to feel cheeky - with unnecessary purchases and chucking a sickie topping the list, The Advertiser reports.The survey found 84 per cent of respondents did not see age as a barrier, and people over 50 are just as likely to be naughty.

Clinical psychologist Louise Adams said it was never too late to start being cheeky."Despite the widely held belief that people become more reserved as they age, its actually the reverse," Ms Adams said.
"Our survey shows we're most naughty in our mid-30s, not our teens."It's great to see Australians showing their playful side no matter what their age."Not surprisingly, men (40 per cent) are more likely than women (29 per cent) to do something naughty to impress the opposite sex.

But only 11 per cent of women felt guilty about flirting with a friend's partner, compared with 29 per cent of men.Stress relief is the main reason Australians act out, while 38 per cent say it helps them through all the bad news of the global financial crisis.

Dietician Emma Stirling said it was a worry that 38 per cent of people admit to naughtily eating an extra biscuit."It's no surprise that people turn to food to fulfill their naughty urge," Ms Sterling said.

"Too much of particular foods can impact on that happy and healthy buzz we get from naughtiness and our long-term health."What Aussies do to feel naughty (%)

* Buying something expensive they don't need (43)
* Chucking a sickie (39)
* Not cleaning the house when they should (35)
* Spending time on the internet at work (34)
* Eating at a fast food cafe (28)
* Sleeping in instead of going to the gym (27)
* Flirting with their friends partner (19)
* Queue jumping (18)
* Parking illegally (14)
* Spending the kids inheritance (13)
* Screening a call from mum (12)
* Watching reality TV (11)

Why Aussies choose to be naughty (%)

* It helps to relieve stress (59)
* Makes them feel happy (57)
* Makes them feel young (56)
* Helps people through the current doom and gloom (38)
* Makes them feel healthy (24)


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